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Help with a tourney

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I didn't think this would fit in tournament talk because I'm not really waxing on a specific tournament. Rather, I'm looking for advice from the club folks who have set tournaments up in the past. I've been asked to put one together for next spring for a sportmens club, and I just need some generalized advice on the odds and ends of what to do. I'm also hoping that this can thread so people can speak on what they'd like to see in a tournement. I have never done this before or fished in a tournament.

Here's is what I know/have:

non-affiliated club

Largemouth only

small private lake community, maybe 10-15 boats total will enter.

90 hp / 18' boat limit

2 to a boat

unsure about how non-boaters will work (maybe a list of 1 person boaters to pair up with 1 person non's)

official weigh-in

2 bigger sponsors (Okuma, Sufix)

single day with weigh-in at early evening

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I was tournament director for a bass club for around 10 years. Over the weekend, I'll get some info, ideas, and options together for you, and I'll PM you.

Sicne it is on a private lake, you probably don't need to get a permit from your fisheries department, but find out for sure. Second, look into insurance matters to protect your sportsmen club against liability, because they are hosting the event (talk to you sportsmen club's insurance agent).

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Cool, thanks a ton for your help man. Looking forward to the PM, any help is seriously appreciated.

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I can think of one thing from a recent experience:  If you plan on soliciting places (Dick's, Gander, BPS, etc.) for some donations or prizes, get your info in early- like 3 or more months in advance.  They may give you something but I learned (the hard way, but what valuable lessons aren't learned the hard way  :)) that they often are willing to donate, but have monthly budgets.

I guess to deal with the boaters and non-boaters, different areas have different response levels (i.e. around here, they have to beg for co-anglers.  For bigger tournaments, they have to beg for boaters.)  to see how to respond?  

There's my 2 cents!  Hope it helps. ;)

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