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I belong to a club that doesn't have affliation with any of the national tournments (BASS, FLW, etc, etc).  We are finding it more and more difficult to get access to launch ramps or find open weekends because the "big" clubs (usually 50 or more boats) are reserving the launch ramps.  Are any other smaller clubs having this same problem and if so anybody got suggestions.  Even if we get reservations in early if a big group asks for the same weekend they'll get it because they pay more.

We've moved tournments to different locations (can't have away tournments every time, trying middle of the week but some of us still have to work >:()

Well thanks for reading and for any ideas you might have.

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Well, if you have good relationships with the other small clubs you might want to suggest a merger--or at least merge to the extent that you cooperate on tournament scheduling. That way you can rival the other clubs in negotiating strength.

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You do have a serious problem in Northern Virginia.

First, Hope Springs and Leesylvania are always busy.

I like Hope Springs a lot better but as you know, you play the devil in launching your boat on the narrow ramp with another 50 guys lined up , waiting impatiently. (That's why I am a nonboater on the Potomac).

Leesylvania is not much better. First choice for the Federation and club tournaments. The marinas give the Federation and club tournaments not only preference but lower parking fees. (Hope Springs does the same thing).

Then there is One Fish Anna.  

Anna Point Marina is always a zoo with pleasure boaters and club fishing tournaments.  The other launches are full of recreational boaters.

That is why we schedule the One Fish Anna tournament in February or March to avoid the pleasure boaters but then we give up fishing Buggs and Gaston early in the year and have to fight the pleasure boaters when we do fish those bodies of water.

Williams and Hicks are also busy but it is first come, first served, so maybe you can do better on the Rapp and Pamunkey.

And don't forget there are two sides at Walkerton to launch onto the Mattaponi so you should not have problems.

Think about the Chick River or Lake Chick.  Long way to drive from where you are but you have some options as to where to launch.

I know you are not affiliated with the FLW (TBF) or B.A.S.S. so you may want to consider joining.  B.A.S.S. will cost each member $40 a year for state and national dues while TBF costs $35 per person.

Even if you are a member of B.A.S.S. or the TBF there is no guarantee you can still get a ramp.

All I can suggest is that your club members do like I do: get to the ramp as early as you can, like two hours before blast off, take your time to rig your boat and then put her in either by yourself or with the help of other early arrivals.

Or...fish during the week! ;)

Good luck.

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                   What club are you in?

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New Horizon Bass Anglers

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we do all our scheduling before January...usually end of November, or in December...otherwise we are fighting for ramps and dates.

our director also calls around and has meetings with some other local guys to try and avoid overlaps etc.

It is the out of towners that always goof it up for us. Last year we had several clubs come in...no permits, no nothing...

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