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Questions to ask potential clubs?

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Suggested queries:

Are you a member of B.A.S.S. or TBF?

What are your non-boater fees?

How long do you have to be in the club before you can take your boat to a tournament?

How do you pull for tournaments? In other words, how many one-man boats are there and how are they rotated or do club members fish one-man boats and those guys without a boat or on probation will fish as a non-boater?

What are the annual dues and how paid?

Does the club have a "big fish" pot for the largest bass caught during the year?

What is the cost, if any, to fish a tournament?

Is paying an additional fee ($10 or $15 each tournament) needed to get a in the pot in the club's individual tournaments?

How much is charged to get into individual tournament big fish pots?

Where are your tournaments?  If far away, think of the expenses of driving and trailering and motel, food, etc. costs.

Have the dates of the club's tournaments been finalized? if so, check them out for conflicts with home and work activities.

How many club tournaments do you all have?

Do you have to fish any Federation tournaments?

Can you get a copy of the club's by-laws, Constitution and tournament rules to review prior to joining?

How often does the club meet?  Monthly?

Is it mandatory for you to attend a specific percentage of meetings?

Does the club have yute events or other outside activities that are mandatory for you to attend and if so, do you get extra points for attending?

What are the ages of the members? If you are a young guy learning you may not want to join a club with a lot of older guys and vise versa.  Or you may want to in order to try to learn more about bass fishing.

Just a few suggested questions. The guys will probably have more.

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And one more.

What is the non-boater fee for fishing a tournament?

Very, very important to note their formula for determining the non-boater fees.

Can get costly, like $50 or more, depending on the cost of gasoline.

And is the non-boater fee based on the regular or mid-range gasoline?

Remember, the big motors run on mid-range (89 octane) gas.

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