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Church fishing clubs?    (per LBH's request)

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LBH wrote:

I think it was preach4bass that was talking about his church having a fishing club.  I wonder if there is a list of church clubs out there.  Flech?  Preach?  Anyone?


While not Church specific, they are involved with several of the local Churches and charities.  Legacy is an all outdoors group (at least our local chapters) they have a number of fishing, hunting, archery, charity and social events annually.  They also have well known speakers at monthly meetings.  This is where I met Alton Jones last year.


Our church doesn't have an actual "club" but rather a group of fisherman who are close and will do fun or small $ tourney between ourself every so often.  A club was discussed but we decided it would be too formal, and no one wanted to get saddled with the administrative duties.

The thread it was mentioned in, is in a downward spiral so I figured it warranted a fresh look.  Assume that since a Mod asked the question, it's ok to discuss.  

edited to add: NO THEOLOGY PLEASE, or this will get deleted.

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My son holds two tournaments a year at the church he goes to. He has done a good job at getting sponsors, the first tournament they had only

about 15 boats. But they had about 45 to 50 participants. Man that was cool, some of the guys would have their whole family in the boat. ;D

They still couldn't have but five fish. He had enough prizes to draw every ones name out twice. I just thought it was great to see them do that,all of them even the winner donated all the money to the church's

youth program.

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