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Peter E.

South has the ball rolling for collegiate bass fishing!

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But here is the problem, what do other university clubs have for dues, and how do you set up tournaments? How did ya'll set up sponsorships? Also how do you run your points system?



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Dues may vary. We have $30 dues. That covers plaques at the end of the year for Biggest Fish, Biggest Individual Sack, and Angler of the Year.

Our club tournaments we simply pick 8 locations starting in August and go till June (omitting Dec. and Jan.). We are lucky enough to have about an equal amount of boaters as non-boaters so we normally let our nons draw boaters out of a hat the week before the tournament. As for invitational tournaments they take a lot more planning and require some kind of sponsorship help.

We try to keep our points system as easy as possible, maybe I'll be able to explain this. This is for club tournaments only.


1: 25 points

2: 24 points

3: 23 points

and so on untill we finish our places.


1:25 points to both anglers in winning boat

2: 24 points to next

and so on

--Big Fish--

10 extra points to angler with the big fish of the tournament

So if you finish 3 individually but were on the 1st place team and caught big fish, your points for the tournament were 58. I hope that explains it.


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thats not a very fair points system... i've fished a fair number of tournaments and i believe that you are unfairly giving people points.  what if it was a hard day and the boater brought in more than his share of fish and won by himslef and the non boater didnt catch any?  Then the non boater would get points for what the angler caught, that could screw people in the angler of the year race if he beats them by those points he was given.

I'm sorry but i've been screwed out of awards because of points systems like that and i dont want somebody in your club to realize this too late

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It all tends to even out when you consider the individual scores. The only rule I disagree with is awarding big fish points. That's hit or miss and could be considered a luck thing. The majority of the club agreed to it though.

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