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Birmingham/ central alabama bass fishing

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Hi everyone.  I am looking for a club or a few folks that would like to have a fishing partner.  I will fish tournaments, just for fun, practicing for a tourney, or from the bank at a pond.  I just want to get out on and around the water more often.

About me concise edition:

Age: 30 male Birmingham, Al

Will travel to fish within 2-3 hrs preferably.

Species:  Bass only

Boating status: NON

Experience:  Very (former bass club president at 17 yo)

Tournament experience:  LOTS, mostly local club and BASS Federation events

Equipped:  FULLY

Looking for:  Want to get on the water.  Tournaments, practice for tournaments, fun fishing, whatever.

About me long version.  I am originally from northwest Alabama.  I cut my teeth on Pickwick, Wilson, Wheeler, the Bear Creek chain of lakes, farm ponds, and the creeks around my families land.  I have alot of experience as a tournament fisherman, and love to fish tournies.  More than that though I just love to fish for bass.  I was the president of our local bass club when I was 17 yo.  This was a fairly good sized club (for a small town) of approximately 40 members.  I include this so you will know that I am not a hack that is going to be an anchor in the boat.

My fishing career came to a grinding hault when I went off to college.  I tried to continue fishing, but it was difficult because I had no boat.  I then proceeded to do alot of post graduate training (I am still doing it).  Thus I only got to fish a few times a year when I went to see parents which is where my boat stays.  Now I am in a position where most of my weekends are free and occasionally a day during the week.  I do NOT have my boat in Birmingham at this time so I would be a nonboater.  I am 100% willing to contribute to expenses for fuel etc.

I am fully equiped in the tackle department.  I can handle a boat.  I can back a trailer with best of them.  I can also catch fish.

I do not know much about the central Alabama lakes.  I love fishing new places, I have a voracious appetite for knowledge, and would love to learn about the lakes.

Let me know if you are interested or know of any clubs that like to have nonboaters participate.

Tight lines.

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Hey man,  I live in Leeds and fish Neely Henry as well as Logan Martin.  I am also a member at Sportsman's Lake in Springville and we have a house on Bankhead so I fish it a few times a year.  I do have a few regular buddies that I fish with but from time to time they can't always go.  I am always looking to make new fishing friends and would definitely be willing to help you get out on the water.

I am 34 years old, married and have 2 kids.  I own my own business so my schedule is flexible but I keep my 2 year old daughter during the week so I am limited to fishing evenings and weekends.  I enjoy bass fishing but would not consider myself to be an expert by any means.  Most of my fishing consists of beating the banks with a finesse worm but I am trying to expand my arsenal to be more proficient with crankbaits and jerkbaits.  I am also very open to listening to advice from whoever I am fishing with especially if they are experienced as you seem to be.  I don't want to just take a tag-along, I would rather have someone who can help figure it out when the bite is tough.  The biggest downside to fishing with me is that I tend to take it too seriously.  I usually forget to eat lunch and most of the time I don't head for the ramp until dark.  That does make it tough for some guys to go since they want to head home at 4 or 5 in the evening and I want to stay for the evening bite.

The only thing I ask from anyone who wants to hit the water with me is that you don't smoke in my vehicle and we split the gas in the boat.  I fish out of a 17'6" Stratos with a 50 hp Yamaha so I don't generally burn more than a half a tank on a weekend.  Let me know if you want to give it a go and we'll set up a weekend to hit the water and get to know each other.  

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You guys may want to check my club out.  Do a Google search for "TMTanglers" (this message board won't let me post a direct link).  I feel we have a really good group.  We have not fished with each other as much as I'd like this year though, mostly due to scheduling issues.  It is hard to plan in advance.  I think I am about to schedule a wildcat though.  

Anyway...check our group out.  It is a good group of professionals to network with if you are looking for a boater or non boater to share gas expense with.  We are all about sharing information and learning to be better fisherman.  Tight Lines.

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