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I am currently in a local bass club , a topic of insurance for a non-boater has become an issue. Is there a policy the club could provide it's boaters for non-boaters.

Any input would help


Future Boat Owner.

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Interesting question.

Have you spoken to your automobile insurance carrier to see if their company's Homeowners 4 (Renters) policy would provide liability protection for a non-boater.

Usually a Homeowners contract limits the coverage to the length and motor size for watercraft but the carrier may be willing to add the watercraft liability onto the Homeowers for a nominal premium.

We have insurance professionals on this site who will tell you how to handle the situation.  In the meantime, make a telephone call to either your auto or current homeowners policy agents and ask them how to address the issue.

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What Sam said.

Homeowners/Renters policys usually provide Personal Liability protection which is fairly comprehensive (it will cover you if you hook someone, or drive a galf ball into them, etc).  Some will even give some protection for damages/injuries caused with a power boat as long as that boat meets the size/power requiremetns for coverage (see your policy).  

Other than a homeowners/renters policy, the only other type of policy I can think of would be an umbrella policy - but that's overkill for many people.  And usually companies require that you carry your auto AND homeowners/renters with them (with very high liability limits on those policies) before they will sell you an umbrella.

Do what Sam said.  Call your exisitng agents.  If you already have a homeowners or renters policy, you probably already have coverage.  You will only have to determine if you have enough.

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Thanks for your input. I hope to bring this to the club attention at are next meeting. It is sad that are soceity has come to this were being friends or a simple handshake means nothing.

anyways keep those lines wet and tight.

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