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First bass of 08 northern nj

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Decided to take out a bud who doesnt really fish today cuz the air temp hit 47 degrees, water couldnt have been 40 ;D we got out on the kayaks on a small pond by us with my friend hoping to catch a fish cuz according to him ("he hasnt caught a fish in sooooo long"). After a dry spell of a few hours we started getting bit, with me seeing a Nice bass cruising around. Sure enough 3-4 mins later my buddy leans into the bass I FOUND and is reeling like a madmen, i throw my pole and run to help him land it, and just as i lip it, the hook comes flying out into my shoulder.


This is my buddy who was probably less excited than I was. We prob caught 4-5 more with only this other one worth taking a pic of (again after i spot it!!) Photo-0184.jpg

Funny part was both of the bigguns were caught from shore, and both were hooked (and lost!) by me first. I was real proud of him because he doesnt catch fish often, but i told him from now on stick with me ;)

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We were using shiners (his idea) but I couldnt get bit on a variety of artificials so eventually i switched over as well and thats when we started catching em.

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