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Cory N

What's followed by 6 days of sunny good weather?

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A 20 degree temperature drop, clouds, wind, and rain!  It must be Sunday, the only day I can fish during the week.

This pattern has held for the past two weeks, but so has another one.  1/2 oz. gold shiner super spots, homemade spinnerbaits, and today...a weightless fluke.  

After waking up this morning to pouring rain and a forecast of wind and thunderstorms, I looked to bass resource for some much needed motivation.  So a big thank you to Hawgchaser and those of you who responded positively to the fishing in the rain thread.

So pretending that today was yesterday, 80 degrees with a few puffy Simpson esque clouds, I threw my homemade baby bass spinnerbait.  After throwing that for awhile, I knew something was up.  Hungry little buck males usually don't take no for an answer.  Maybe 60 degrees and the thunderstorms were getting to them?  Finally they clued me in, one short strike, then a second.  Switched it up to a weightless fluke and was bit shortly thereafter.  

A solid head shake and a few bull dogs later I landed what I guessed to be a 3-4 lb'r.  Although hooked in the top lip when I lipped it,  there was a small line of blood coming from the gills.  I released as quick as I could, thinking the quick release was better than a picture.

After defeating the skunk, I switched up to a football head jig.  Fished that to no success until a big t-storm came down, forcing my retreat.

So next time it's raining, put your slicker on and catch a good one!

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Not much else to say other than good work and nice job putting that fish back promptly.  Keep an eye on the sky in the Summer, lightning is no joke.  

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