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Old Stomping Grounds

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Im getting ready to go fish an old spot from when I was a little kid. I just found it on google earth. The terrain around the spot changed alot, construction in the area and all so I kinda lost it for a long time. Im 19 now and the last time I fished this spot was probably when I was 11 or 12. I remember last time we went we caught around 30 fish, biggest one being over 7 pounds so Im pretty stoked to be hitting that spot in a little bit. Plus Ive got ALOT more fishing know how then I did when I was a little kid hahaha so yea, pretty amped up. Ima let you guys know how it goes...now wheres my Flukes??? ;D

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That turned out pretty cool haha. Caught about 10 or 12, lost about another 5 or 6. Hooked a few really nice fish, a couple probably went a little over 5lbs. Actually had one pop my line, and I check my line after every fish! Im pretty stoked, next time I go Ima bring my camera. All my fish were no smaller then about 2lbs, my largest was maybe tapping on 3lbs. Tons of fun!!!! They all came on Flukes and Bass Assasins too! ;D

Again, sorry for no pics!!!! I didnt think I was gonna hit on anything today hahah

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