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Another good day

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The weather up heres been really crappy but I still managed to get about a 7 hr trip in through the rain showers and howling winds. I got my buddy into fishing so we took a trip to Cabelas last night where he picked up a real nice rod and real I picked out for him. Were fishing a farm pond first thing in the morning. We fished about 45 minutes when I hear "SNAP" followed by "PLUNK" I look up and see my buddy standing there looking really ticked and he had no rod in his hands. He manged to break the rod already and insted of trying to return it for the 100 bucks he spent on it he just tossed it in the pond. :-? So after 15 minutes of dragging a rattle trap along the bottom I snagged it and gave him 10 bucks for it lol. Not a bad deal when you figure the reel alone was almost 50. The kid has more money than brains.

Anyway I dropped him off and went to another pond. I started out fishing these new soft swim bait made by Stike King that I got a Cabelas. There freaking sweet! This little guy inhaled it!


Then I picked up a few average pond bass on 1/8 oz spinnerbaits and little buzz baits. Then I decided to tie on a moss boss, because I forgot my buzz frogs, which I've only used once before. I was working it over a nice patch of weed and picked up a few pound-and-a-halfers and this nice bass that went 4lb 3oz.  She wasnt real long but had a fat gut and you could tell she was making a nest by her tail. This lure will deffinetly be seing a lot more action.


I fished there a little more and another pond only catching a few more. Today was a lot of fun

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That's a beaut!  I've tried those swimbaits, but didn't think much of them. I might have to revisit them again.

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