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New Pond - Big Fish

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There is a pond in an office complex near my home and I decided to fish it to see if there are any bass in the pond.

I ha a blast catching about thirty (30) small dinks on Wednesday evening and realized that I did not see any minnows nor bluegills/bream in the pond and was concerned about what the dinks were eating to survive.

So I went over to another pond near my house on Thursday evening and started catching bream and bluegills and took them over to the new pond to stock it.

Sunday morning I decided to fish the new pond and threw out a weightless pink trick worm with a Number 1 gold hook. My wife overslept and we missed church so what else could I do? I just could not find it in my heart to wake her up for church and Sunday School.

It was a lot of fun to see the small bass take the pink worm as they darted from the depths to inhale it. But they were dinks. Lots of dinks.

The small bass could not take either a Scum Frog or a Zara Spook in their mouth and kept missing the Pop-R so I could not hook them although they hit all three (3) lures quite often. I did catch a few on Rat-L-Traps and white curly tail grubs.

So what happened Sunday morning after about an hour of catching the dinks?  I decided to go back to the pink worm for the fun of catching some more small bass and wham! She hit it.  

I saw her mouth as she jumped and I knew she was a hog.

I landed her and she must have weiged at least five (5) pounds, probably more like six (6). I could put my entire balled-up fist in her mouth.  I found the mother of all of the dinks.

I think she had not spawned as she had a full belly.  She was heavy.  Beautiful green and black coloring and bright eyes so she is healthy. And she was heavy. A nice fat largemouth bass.

I released her and plan to try for her later this summer.

Today, Memorial Day, I went back and found small minnows (probably from this year's spawn) so I know the bass are eating well.  And I plan to continue to stock the pond with small bream and nice bluegills so the bass will have a food source during the year.

The beauty of the pond is that no one fishes it.  There is no way you could know it holds fish, and the people from the office complex probably don't fish (although they do litter) when they visit the pond during their lunch break.

I hope those dinks grow up next year as this pond should be as good as the golf course ponds I fish in Maryland.

Talk about a serendipity and it is ALL MINE.  ;D

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That's cool. I wish I had a pond around here that no one fished. But remember: where there's one big one, there's more big ones.

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congrats on your new-found honey hole buddy.  that's a great fish too.  big congrats. :)

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Big congrats to you man! Isnt it nice finding your own little heavenly hole to indulge on? And Bass XL is right, where theres one big one, theyres gonna be more!

By the way, lots and lots of dinks? Break out the light action!!! ;D

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