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40min Stop at Catt Creek w/pics

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Had a little less than a half hour to fish earlier this morning in the Cattaraugus Creek, while my daughter was at school.  Received in a new order from Brent at www.*.com and decided to try out some of the new 4" Strokin' Toad - Green Pumpkin Pearl Belly I purchased on a 3/0 hook.

Caught a total of 8 smallies with the following 4 being the biggest of the 8.  Biggest was 2.5lbs (16") and smallest was 1.5lbs (12") all were caught on the Strokin' Toad with the biggest hitting as soon as the frog hit the water. The depth is between 10" - 2' deep, and is at its prime with the current depth.

I plan on doing a little more fishing today after 3PM and hope to hit up a few other holes I just found and the creek is at one of its lowest.





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what could be more fun?  wow.  i bet they really blasted that thing.  in current too.  i bet the fights were great. :)

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Man thats great! I hope to make a trip up there soon with my Dad.  There just in the creek spawning now, right?  If so how long do they stay in the stream.  

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Thanks!!  They hit hard and are a blast to fight on an ultra light.  The bass have been up since late April, and will stay here until late August, early September.  Season starts 3rd week in June I believe, but smallies 20" and bigger opened up May 1st.

Just got back from my 2nd trip down to the creek today and had an even better outing as I hit a new PB smallie at 19" 3.5lbs (top 2 photos).. went down with a couple buddies, who usually fish with spinners.  I tossed them a couple frogs and they were very surprised on how well they were hitting pretty much as soon as they hit the water.  Caught 7 more, and lost 2.

A couple of the photos with me in it are pretty bright, but the fish had some amazing markings.






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