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Fished a new spot today

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I hit a new dredge canal I found today with some success. I went out at about 4pm and the wind was blowing pretty good, bluebird day and stained water, and probably close to 90 degrees on top of that. I started throwing spinnerbaits along points and weedlines. After I didnt get any hits on that I started just throwing about anything I could. I havent been fishing in a while so I didnt care I was just happy to be out there haha. After a while though I was wondering if there were any fish in this spot and then WAM! Nice hit on a buzzbait! I got him up to the bank and he spit the hook, he was probably a little over 2lbs, but I was stoked! Finally some signs of life! So I kept fishing till about 8pm and wound up catching 2 more on buzzbaits and missing a pretty nice fish out in the middle of the canal on a Rapala Skitter Walk. BIG roll but he missed it and never came back for round 2. Im REALLY stoked about this place, lots of clean fishing area, plus Ive found that most people who come here only fish for the nice crappie that I keep hearing are in here. Heres some pics of my new little honey hole!


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That looks like an awesome spot. I would try a frog too.

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