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The Rooster

Zoom U-tale was paying off yesterday on Grayson lake, KY!!!

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Yesterday me and a buddy went to the lake fishing and found water was different all over the lake in terms of clarity. Pretty much the same temperature though, 77 to 79 anywhere we went.

He was having no trouble catching quality bass on a Berkley Power worm, T-rigged in a black color. Time after time I heard him holler "get the net". And it seemed everytime he caught a bass I would catch a large bluegill, but no bass. I tried spinners, crankbaits, T-rig, topwaters, but nothing I tried would catch me a bass the way he was.  All I could get were those large bluegills on spinners.  

Well it was late in the day and we found ourselves in some ultra clear water, completely invisible for about 6 feet in depth. I wanted to go on up to the back of the arm of the lake we were on to see if we could find some stained water so we began moving that direction. In the meantime I dug in my tacklebag to find anything I thought would work in that super clear water we were in, and found a bag of Zoom U-tale worms in pumpkin chartreuse color that I had in there for probaby a good 6 years now and never even tried. It was the closest thing to natural color I had and I rigged one up weightless to try it out. By time I had all that done we had found some stained water with just a little clarity left in it. I casted the worm anyway and let it slowly sink. Immediately I had a quality bass on the end of the line. I did this a couple more times and my buddy had not had a bite in a while on the T-rig so I saw him getting one of my worms out and rigging it up weightless too. He didn't seem to have the same luck I was having as he didn't catch any fish with it at all. But I busted about 8 bass on it over the next hour, and went through 5 worms in all, each one seeming to be good for about 1 fish, occasionally 2, before it got hopelessly torn up.

Only thing I can see he did different than me was he had 12 pound line and I had 8. Maybe they sank at different rates, but mine was dynamite and his wasn't. At least I caught up to him in numbers before the end of the day, between us we had about 25 fish caught and released. He got one more fish on a white tri-winged buzzbait before we left. So we both had a fantastic end to a good day.

Also, there's a bass swimming around out there with a 3/0 hook and a Zoom U-tale stuck to his face right now, cause after about 5 bass in a row I set the hook on the 6th one and snapped the line clean off at the knot. Must have frayed the line some maybe?? Or just stressed the knot from all the fish I had caught on that same hook. From now on though, I'll make sure to inspect the line after each fish. Still had a load of fun on that Zoom worm though, and now I gotta go back to the store to get more of those and in some different colors.

Also, something else I found odd about this was that the worm was nearly the color of the water I was fishing so visibility of it was not much except for the chartreuse tail it had. Could that be it?? They seemed to love it dearly as I had no trouble at all getting hits with it.

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Good job man...Way to tear them up.  I didn't get to go this weekend but my friend did and absolutely tore them up at Yatesville.  

Congratulations on an awesome day on Kentucky water!!!

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