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My tourney results from Gibson Co. Lake in West TN 4-4-09

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Myself and cdtac1 from here on the board went to fish the 6th annual Gibson County Bass Club Fundraiser Tourney at Gibson County Lake on Sat. There were 43 boats entered in the field. Talk about crowded on a 500 acre lake! Fishing was very tough. We were lucky enough to come in 6th place out of 43 boats with a 5 fish limit of a whopping 6.09 lbs. Hey, we got our entry fee back. Slot limit on this lake is 14-20 inches with one being kept over 20. That kinda hurts the weights, but nobody was catching fish anyway. Well except for the guy who weighed in a whopper of a sow at 11.21 lbs!!!!!!! 43 boats and 22 of the boats zeroed. Out of the 21 that did weigh in fish, only 12 had a limit. I tried to get more pics of the weigh-in, but some of the field had already weighed in and released the fish when we got to the scales. Here's the results of the payout and a pic of the 11.21 lb big bass......

1st place - $500 - 5 fish - 13.31 lbs - 8.58 big fish - $157

2nd place - $250 - 3 fish - 13.09 lbs - 11.21 big fish - $273

3rd place - $150 - 5 fish - 8.49 lbs - 4.96 big fish

4th place - $150 - 5 fish - 6.90 lbs

5th place - $100 - 5 fish - 6.42 lbs

6th place - $50 - 5 fish - 6.09 lbs <That was us!>

Mr. David Bland with his behemoth of a bass weighing in at 11.21 lbs, caught on a Strike King Red-Eye Shad in 2 ft. of water!


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sounds like y'all did well.  congrats to ya.

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Sounds like a very tough day of fishing but at least you got your entry fee back.. That sucks that he can catch a 11+ pound bass and only get 2nd place.

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No kidding.  I think the slot may have hurt some people, being it was 14-20 inches.  Some of those that zeroed may have only caught slot fish all day.  

How would you like to show up to the ramp with an 8.5 lber, thinking maybe you might have big fish locked up, and then you see a guy has already weighed in an 11.21 lb. hawg!  At least they paid two spots for big fish.

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