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Bassn Blvd

Lox wild life and Honeyhole.

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My uncle and I went to the south end of Loxahatchee Wildlife Refuge today even though the temp dropped about 20+ degrees over night into the 40's and bluebird skies. The flats were holding tons of fish but the water level was getting very low making it very difficult to navigate. The average size we caught on the flats was about 1/2 pound, lol. We went back into the main canal to deeper water and did much better but still a lot of dinks. I caught this one on a black/red flake Senko.


Here is a shot of the flats. It's very inviting but don't come down of plane unless you don't want to get back up.


Here is a local Loxahatchee resident who was not the least bit bashful about saying hello.


We packed up at 2:30 and headed to my honey hole where we continued to catch bass up to 2-3 pounds. The fishing was red hot as far as dinks are concerned so I decided to try a little live bluegill action. I spent a solid 1/2 hour trying to catch the bait on bread from my hoagie but the bluegill would look at the bread ball and turn up their nose. My uncle caught 10 bass before I caught my first bait which I finally got to hit on a piece of salami.

The gill lasted about 5 minutes before it got slammed. I was fishing it about 20' down using a circle hook and my flipping stick.


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Sorry I could not meet up with you guys today. Yea, the cold front probably put a damper on the bite today.

The hydrilla is a real pain with the lower water, and especially when there is no wind (thick clouds of gnats).

Were you able to cross the hydrilla and get into the sawgrass? You have to go across the hydrilla on plane and set down on the edge of the sawgrass cuts. The cuts lead back into the sawgrass for miles, and the water is usually clear and relatively free of weeds. The sawgrass breaks the wind somewhat as well. The water is generally 2-5 ft back there on the trails. If you go far, you better use a GPS to find your way back.

You can find the cuts by looking for the worn boat trails cut through the hydrilla.

If you what to give it another try at Lox, I can show you around.

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Tell me about it you better be screaming across the top and raise it on the jackplate cause it is tough. Wish my Intracoastal could transform into an Airboat! Good outing Bassn, we need to hook up soon and tear some lips.

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That's a nice fish there, and a good outing. Sometimes it's fun to hammer small fish all day  :)

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