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Tried dropshotting from shore today, yeah doesn't work so good.

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I tried dropshotting from shore today at a pond by my house.  It doesn't work.  I couldn't keep my bait from sinking to the bottom.  I am fairly new to dropshotting but my guess is I need to keep the line tight, so from the bank you don't really have a good angle to do it.  Anyone else try this.  I may try usung a floating bait next time.  I was very bummed b/c I was trying out my new legend tournament DS rod.

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Use a heavier weight.

Dropshotting from the shore does work.

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I'd try heavier weight and make sure you drop shot rig is set up the way it's supposed to be. Useually you do want to be vertical but it will still work from shore.

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What lb test line? what soft plastic, size and make?, what style hook, mfr and size?

The components are very important with drop shotting.

The worm needs to be able to float the hook when fishing at an angle, like casting from shore. I would suggest trying the slip shot rig;

Use either an Owner size 1 down shot hook or Gamakatsu wide gap weedless finesse hook, size 1. 6 to 8 lb mono line. 1/8 to 3/16 mojo style weight and glass bead with peg-It to hold the bead in place or a Carolina Keeper. Place the weight about 24" above the hook.

If you want to drop shot, then use the same hooks, 3/16 or 1/4 oz weight and place the hook about 18" above the weight. Use high flotation worms like 6" Roboworms. Nose hook the Gamakatsu and Texpose the Owner hook.


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We need more data to locate the fish.

Just going to the pond and throwing out from the shoreline may not be productive.


1.  What is the water temperature?

2.  Is the water clear, stained or muddy?

3.  Cloud cover or bluebird skies?

4.  When did the last cold front pass through the area?

5.  What is the depth of the water where you are fishing?

6.  Any structure or cover in the area?

7.  Wind blowing?

Drop shotting can be used in any water depth.

But first you have to find the fish, or decide where the fish will be at any given time.

And how deep was your drop shot rig?  6 to 8 inches?  1 to 3 feet?

Your bait?

Your line size?

Your hook?

Baitcaster or spinning rig?

As you can see, we need more information.

If the water is still cold or stained, the fish may be on the bottom or holding to structure. So any presentation in the shallows will not produce good results.

Don't give up on any technique.  Just learn more about it.  :)

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