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Today I went out to my Grandparents pond for an hour or so to try out a new combo and see if I could hook up with some freezing LM. Well, I didn't hook up with too many bass (one) but I had a great time with the rod and reel. I have a couple new favourites. ;) Anyway, here are some pics:


Rod: G Loomis MBR 843c IMX

Reel: Shimano Conquest 101

Line: 12 lbs Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon

Bait: 7/16 oz. Eakins jig with Paca Chunk trailer





Disclaimer: (I'm sure some folks from Ontario will read this and question why I am fishing for bass in April. ;D Our season doesn't open until the end of June, but the season's don't pertain where I'm fishing here).



Question Re: Private Property

I own a large parcel of land with a good sized spring-fed pond on it, the pond drains off of my land into a near-by river. I know there are fishing the pond, do I need a licence to fish in the pond and do the seasons apply on my property?


Because your pond has an outflow the laws requiring a licence and the various fishing seasons would apply to your pond. The Ontario Fishery Regulations, which contain the rules for sport fishing in Ontario, apply to all water in the province with the exception of National Parks, waters that are licenced under an aquaculture licence and waters that occur on private lands that meet all of the following conditions:

The waters are not on a regional flood plain,

The waters lie wholly on privately owned land,

The waters are not connected to natural waters,

The waters contain water from run-off, springs, ground water or water pumped from a stream or lake; AND

The waters have been artificially created.

If the pond meets all of the list above the fish must then come from a licenced aquaculture facility or a licenced commercial fish operation; they cannot be caught by sport-fishing and transferred to the pond.

My Grandparents pond meets all of the listed requirements. Just FYI. ;)

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Never really fished jigs until the road trip.  Got introduced to the Eakin's jigs, WOW!  Fished the 5/16 Missouri craw w/Chompers 4" skirted grubs.  I fished the Eakins almmost the whole trip and can't wait to get going on my home lake with them.  BTW, I like your set up, but did you notice the handle is on the wrong side of the reel? ;)

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Hey firefightn15,

It's good to hear you've gained some confidence in jigs. They're an excellent bait! Even with the weather we've had (highs of around 6°C and lows of -4°C) and the water temps well.......are cold, they just can't seem to resist the jig. :)

Come to think of it, I didn't really realize the handle was on the wrong side. I guess I'll get used to it. ;D

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Yeah, I also got a great intro to the Rage Tail line, loaded up on them, got some great instruction, and now I'm gonna spend the summer workin' them do death. That was a great group down there and they sent me home feeling like I actually knew something. 8-)

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I really like the Rage Tail Shads and did pretty well with them last year. I purchased some Anacondas to try out this year and will probably be purchasing a few other Rage Tail products before our season opens.

I definitely would have liked to have gone on the BR road trip this year. It sounded like a BLAST! I'm sure you gathered a lot of info from the talented bunch we have here on BR.

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I don't believe you, you criminal.  ;D

That's a nice setup. Do you have a preference for round reels?

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Thanks gents.

Dominion Dan: Actually, I have both LP and round reels and can't really say I have a preference for either type. I appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of the Shimano Conquest series of round reels and they are actually the only round reels I own (for now).

Criminal..............what criminal?.............

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