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Muddy water

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Ok guys looking for some tips and advice. I fished a resevoir on a river system over the weekend and the water was extremly muddy. The water temps were in the low 50's and visiblity of about 1-2 inches with alot of debries in the water. Looking for someone that has experienced these conditions or who has knowledge of what works and what baits you used or recommend to catch fish. If you have some successful methods I would love to hear them, as I have to fish same area again nextweekend with more rain coming. :-/

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Here are somethings I'd give a try.

1. Single Colorado blade Spinnerbait, for colors: (firetiger, black, or black/blue)

2. Chatterbait w/double tail grub (black, black/blue or firetiger), I like black/blue chatterbait w/ black/blue hula grub as a trailer.

3. I'd try a light jig, maybe 3/16oz in black or black/blue. Specificly a jig with rattles would be nice, I'd use a trailer that gives off some good vibration, like a ragetail chunk or paca.

4. Black or black/blue tube w/rattles.

5. You could also give a black buzzbait or black jitterbug a try..

I find dark colors, or extremely bright colors are key in muddy water, as well as vibration.

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