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My father and I went back to the place I fished on Wednesday and had an Unbelievable day of fishing. We caught exactly 40 smallmouth today and lost about 5 big ones. All of them were well over 2lbs and we caught 10 that were over 3lbs. We caught two 4 pounders. Our 5 biggest bass were: 4lbs .05oz, 4lbs 01oz, 3lbs 130z, 3lbs 11 oz and 3lbs 09oz for a total of 19lbs 07oz. This is one of our better days. Not bad for Our second trip of the season.

Here are the pictures, there may be some duplicates and we didn't take a picture of all the bass we caught we were too busy fighting the wind and catching bass.











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Now thats an awesome day. CONGRATS  :D :D :D :D

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Thanks for the replies and complements. I'm having a hard time on deciding whether to go back to that lake tomorrow or go an extra 30-40 minute drive further to this other lake that has the same quality of smallmouth but is a much larger lake.

These bass caught me off guard. I usually do my best at this lake with tube baits and jigs. I fished those for about an hour with no bites. Then because of my nice polarized glasses I saw a big school of 6-8 inch smelts swim by, A SMALLMOUTHS FAVORITE SNACK, I didn't know this lake had smelts. It does have some very impressively sized crawdads and that's why I fish the tubes and jigs. When I saw these smelts I decided to match the hatch and the closest thing I could find was a Rapala suspending Husky jerk bait. I tied one on and on the fist cast caught a nice three pound smallie.

I played with different presentations. The water was on average 45 degrees so I thought a few good jerks with long pauses would work best and I did catch a few this way. However, I soon found out I actually did better by using my polarized glasses in the mix. I would cast out and do a quick retrieve with lots of jerks keeping a watchful eye on by bait. When my bait got within 15 yard of the boat I started seeing schools of big smallies chasing and swiping at the bait. I would then pause the bait and watch 6-10 bass sit and observe my lure. Then I would give it a small twitch or two and one of the bass in the school would loose their nerve and hammer the lure. It was just amazing. Looking back at the action and if it continues on tomorrow I think I am actually going to try some top water. I caught about 5 bass when my lure was just barely under the surface and the bass came up from underneath in about eight foot of water.

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