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Good day in South Florida

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Perfect conditions, 25 + mph winds and 6-7 ft swell.  Started the day at tide change by catching a snook slob about 18-20lbs, then just after day break 10-12# jacks came in and I caught 2.

Came home and needed a nap I was whacked out.  About 11 went to my canal in my yard and caught 6 lmb on horny toads, 2 @22" and 1@ 24".

Stars were lined up right today..........

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SirSnook, you are da man.

It doesnt get better than that trifecta!

What kind of hooks do you use on your horny toads. I have a poor hook up rate using the 5/0 horny toad hooks. I have resorted to using the old style snap weedless 4/0 hooks, which allows the frog to swim OK. It has been working Ok.

Another benefit is I can switch over to a worm using the same hook.

I tried using a double frog hook on the HT's, but the frogs sink like a rock. Raising the rod helps, but they get snagged alot.

Does Zoom make a type of frog that floats?

Any suggestions?

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SirSnook, you are da man

HAHA, only on rare occasions,  I will say I am darn good snook fisherman, but it takes their cooperation, as in life 90% of it is just showing up.  I couldn't buy a bite over the last few days.

I only fish frogs in my canal behind my home.  I have masses of elephant grass floating and it's the only thing you can use.  Simple wide gap 4/0 eagle claw hook, the cheaper the better they all work, just have to let them take it before setting the hook.  Believe me many are missed, it's the toughest hookset I think.  I pop em instead of fast retrieves, but today they were hitting as soon as the toad hit water, so much for color and retrieve.

I have to be the worst worm fisherman, just hate those things, too passive for my style and no patience for it. zzzzzzzzz

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good to hear man........i wish i had that experience my last outing, man that would have been great......

went to the coast today and only hooked up 3 of the smallest trout i have ever seen...........

and my pal hooked up with an unfortunate manatee   :'(

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