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Multi Species Day + #2 PB

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we went back to jameson lake and man this lake as been good to us (my dad especially).

the last time we went out was to this lake (on easter) and my dad caught his 5lb 8oz. PB.

we went out again last night and he caught his second PB, 4lb 0oz.

the evening started out kinda slow, but not too slow, we each caught bass about 30 min apart. i had 2 and my dad had 2. i caught this real pretty bass on a pumpkinseed hookup worm.


then we moved up the shore a little bit and found a real nice spot. we were getting hit dragging our plastics over the emerging lily pads.

i caught 1 bass and 1 pickerel here, and my dad caught 2 bass, one of which was the 4lber.

the 4lber fought just like the 5.5 from last time, it went straight under the boat and fought hard and long. finally got it in the boat and weighed it and took pictures.

4.0lb 20"



swimming away


then we turned the corner and started fishing the bank on our way back to the ramp.

i caught a bass at one spot, can't remember where, and then we went further up toward a log tha thad fallen in the water, and i hooked a fish on my 4" camo ***.

i thought it was a bass for the entire fight, and i was suprised when i pulled it in the boat to see that it was a nice warmouth!

this was exciting because i really like these fish and i've only caught one before, and its good to know that they're in this lake. this was my favorite catch of the day.


a little while after that it was getting to be pretty dark and the bugs were getting crazy, so we decided to call it a night.

i had just casted when my dad said we better leave, i said ok let me finish this retrieve, so he casted out too, and then right after that i hooked a little bass and got it in the boat and released it, then as soon as i released mine he caught a bass.

so we ended the night with bass on our last casts. :)

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looks like a good day to me man.....

plus you gotta love catching fish on the "last cast".......always makes having to leave a little easier!!

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Great report.

I note your boat has really given you all more latitude in fishing and the investment seems to be paying high dividends.

Keep on catching them!

P.S.  Looks like you added about 12-inches in height since we saw you last year.  ;)

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