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Fishing Rhino

A different way to fish a Rage Tail Space Monkey

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More lily pads are popping up. Last Friday I caught a nice bass and a nice pickerel out of two small pad beds where some of the pads had made it to the surface.

Yesterday, one of the larger beds had a sparse showing of surface pads. Several others were near the surface while others were still quite deep, in five and a half feet of water.

The wind was gusty at times making it hard to see the edges. So, I took my four marking floats, and set them strategically around the edges to give me a good visual reference, no matter what the wind did.

I was fishing a Rage Tail Space Monkey (watermelon/red), currently one of my favorite baits. The other day the June Bug version produced. I'm fooling around with colors. I had another pole rigged with a June Bug Monkey. The *** watermelon/chartreuse 3" trick stick wacky rigged on a Jackall Wacky-Jig Head (weedless) is also producing well.

Here's how I fished it. The hook is a keel weighted 4/0 Owner Twistlock. Screwed the nose onto the twistlock, then rigged the bait weedless.

Make a cast, count slowly to ten. Then close the bail and slowly take up the slack. The first four casts produced four nice bass without having to retrieve the bait. They either took it on the fall, or as it was lying on the bottom.

The next cast produced a sizable crappie. Then someone turned the switch off. A few more casts yielded nothing.

South end of the pond again. Water temp 64 - 65.

Weather looks real nice for today. Have a small job to do for a customer, but can do that in the afternoon, in a couple of hours.

A pickerel from last Friday.



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Nice report and nice pickerel too. I just recently tried the spacemonkey in  a junebug color other day and did incredible with it. I am going to be fishing junebug a little more often from now on too.

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Hey Rhino, I also use keel weighted hooks on Space Monkeys and in certain situations it's the DEAL for sure. I have been rigging them like this for bumping thru grass beds or fishing relatively shallow water regardless of bottom type and in low wind conditions. IMO, the key to this rig is the slow fall which holds the bait in the strike zone longer as well as the different action resulting from a horizontal fall. The action changes depending on the size of the keel weight used.

It is definitely a slower and more finesse approach but it is extremely productive for sure.......

Big O


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The technique worked again today.

I have to say, I'm very excited about this setup.  It is as weedless as they come.

In places this pond is loaded, in places, with filamentous algae.  In the heat of summer, it will float to the surface, buoyed up by gases trapped beneath it.  The resulting bubble will protrude from the surface like a Cypress knee.

I fiddled around the shallows to get an idea of how the Space Monkey "worked" along the bottom.  It came through everything with flying colors.  

It would pass through the thickest of the slime.  The slightest twitch caused it to shed what little had been on it as it emerged from the gunk.

Drops down in the pockets between rocks, and climbs out easily.  The key seems to be to have the head of the bait tightly against the eye, the body straight and of course, the point of the hook buried in the bait.

I've fished it the past two days in the rocks, the lily pads, and other areas I've had to avoid without a single hang, or bringing in a bunch of gunk.

It always comes "home" clean, or with only a slight trace of the algae.  

I've never been able to fish in the stuff until now.

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