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Had a much better day...buddy caught a niiicee fish

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After the near skunking I had friday I really wanted to catch some fish. I decided to go back to a lake I haven't fished in years but I always had really good luck. It's a pretty large lake that is on some empty property owned by the electric company here.

I'll post pics of the lake wish the fish. All of the fish were caught on Baby Brush Hogs or senkos.

Oh and the big fish isn't mine. My buddy caught it about 5 minutes after I lost a huge fish in the lilly pads. Was the only fish he caught.

The lake



A couple of dinks




Some decent fish





The hawg



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Nice honey hole.Looks like a great place to slide my JB into. ;)

Thanks for posting.

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    GREAT fishing spot and GREAT fish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I wish I could get a boat into this place. It's surrounded by woods on the back side, fence on the road side, a Toyota factory on the right, and a warehouse on the left. No way at all to get a boat in.

I've thought about a float tube though. I'm gonna keep fishing these lakes hard though. These lakes (there is a second smaller lake behind the big one) have been here AT LEAST 20 years because my grandfather pulled 2 8lbers out and had them mounted before I was even born. There has to be a 10+ bass in there.

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