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Fishing Cowgirl

My tournament results

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We (Kevin and I) finished 19th overall out of 76 teams, with 5 fish weighing 14.60 lbs on Lake Kissimmee. (We have a 14" minimum and 6 fish limit per boat). Caught some dinks that no matter how much you stretched or smooshed, weren't going to touch that 14"   ;) I had been prefishing Lake Toho for this tournament,( where I had been finding quality fish) but with the locks closed, back to plan B.

It was a bright day with a lot of current, and unlike the overcast day of Friday, there was almost no top water action. After zero hits on the frog, we stuck to the flukes and senkos  pulling in 3 nice 2-3lb+ bass. We had a ton of small bass grabbing the bait and hauling it to the grass, but most were apparently just grabbing the tail ends. We left the creek after the airboaters churned the mud up to where you couldn't see your bait 3" under the surface.

Moved to another area and fished the lilypads and hydrilla/Kissimmee grass, where Kevin landed a nice bass of 6.05 lbs, out of some thick lilypads. He made her look like a buzzbait coming across, once he got her turned.(got to love braided line) I pulled in another 3lb one on a black/blue senko.

It was getting near the weighin time, so we idled out to open water...

gave it the gas... naddah.. no acceleration..new boat..not going anywhere fast..  

I get up on deck, grab my white ball cap and start waving it to get the attention of any tournament boats blasting by. Two young guys(Colby and David) in a Ranger boat, pulled along side and gave me, and the bass a ride to the weigh in. They ended up being the winners of the tournament with a bag of 25.15lbs.

Sorry no pix, I didn't grab my camera for any weigh in photos, as I was too busy putting fish in the bag, for the ride in.

Kevin managed to get the boat going and made it in without being towed. It is apparently a throttle plate or sensor problem, so back to the shop it goes.

When it gets fixed, we will be fishing Toho again for later this month.  :)

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    Sounds like you guys had a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sorry about your boat though.

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Glad you mad the Weigh In.  Better luck in the next one.


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Thanks, I just love being out there on the boat and love it better when I am on a fish... Kevin laughs at me, because I just can't seem to say '"NET"..I am going.. "ohh ohhh  ohhhh!!!" instead!

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