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good case of bass thumb ;)

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I went out on the kayak today for a few hours, and hauled a limit, actually six. now they werent the biggest but for just the 4 hours I was out I did fairly well, and those boogers had some teeth today and tore my thumb up good! I even had on e little one swallow my senko while I worked out a snag, and when I got him to the boat he was gut hooked and I had never been able to get hooks out when they were like that even after "learning" how to but I was patient and after a few minutes I got it out. I held my "patient" in the water for a second and he swam away. I was soo happy I did it right finally.

but my favorite part of the day was figuring out a pattern, I have always had a hard time with it, but today I got it on, most of my fish came from a weightless "senko" but it only worked it I cast it so that it hit the sea wall, I am fishing 100'wide canals, I actually caught two on back to back casts!

It was a good day today, and as I am about to get back to shore I had a small bass jump out of the water right next to me! If I had known he was coming I could have caught him mid-air he was so close :D

It was an awesome day and I just wanted to share.

Tight lines everyone  ;)

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