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J Francho

Port Bay 6/7 - Tough all over

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I got a late start, hanging with my almost two year old in the early morning - time well spent with the beast!

I made it to the launch, and there were a ton of trailers at the north launch. DOH! There was a Good Ole Boys paper tx. on Port Bay today - should have went to East Bay, since I knew with calm waters, many would make the run to Little Sodus or Sodus Bay. I launched, and pretty much resorted to inspect bedding areas, and explore the deeper ledges.

Found my GPS/graph was not working - hopefully its just a loose wire somewhere.

I basically stayed out of the way (which was difficult) of the guys in the tx., letting them fish over, through, on top of me, LOL. These were a very nice bunch of guys, very friendly!

Their "paper weigh-in" was at 1 PM, so I figured that was a good time for a break, and check out the process. They used pre printed sheets, with weight conversions from the NYDEC website. They did use seperate conversions for SMB and LMB, but the only issue I see here is that you can catch pre and post spawn fish here. The guy that toughs it out in the Lake could possibly be penalized by the list, while the guy getting post spawn fish could benefit. It didn't seem to matter that much, as the weights had a bit of separation at the money level. i believe the winning weight was a bit less than 16 lbs. BTW, this was a points tx. for them, so turn out was very high. Congrats to the winners, and by my accounts, it was a well run tx. They put on a nice show at the "weigh-in" despite not seeing a single fish, with large banners, photo ops, and lots of smiles and atta-boys. Looks like a fun club.

A cool thing was Jeff Edgerton, from a local forum, coming over an introducing himself to me. We had a good chat, laughed at the fact that we both caught three fish by that time, all on drop shot, LOL. It was great to meet you in person, Jeff. Add another good guy from the interwebs to the list of new friends.

I also chatted with a few other people I'd met a few weeks back, while they were pre fishing for this tx.

Anyway, as I said, I only had three fish by midday, and decided to head out and look for more. I played around with a double fluke rig, fishing the deeper outside weed lines very slowly, for two fish. I love the looks of this rig. The shallows, BTW were completely covered with green slime. It seems early for this, but with the higher temps, and all the high dollar cottages and their treated lawns has me thinking that recent rains washed a ton of nutrients into the bay, and the bloom is the result. Burnie and I noticed, on our trip, one particular place, where the water was greener right at the rock wall than the lush Kentucky Bluegrass growing in their yard. I've seen it come and go like this years past as well, time will tell.

As I was crossing the bay, I came upon a HUGE bait ball. I saw some bait crashing around at the surface, and figured there were brown trout in the area. Then, I actually spotted a LMB rolling on the bait! Even though I was in 20+ FOW, I put on a DT10 in parrot, and started chucking and winding the outside edges of the ball. This resulted in three small LMB in about 5 minutes. Its kind of cool when you see something like that, react, and get rewarded, though I wish the fish were bigger. If I was in a bass boat, I would have never noticed this opportunity. Score 1 for the yak.

My last few fish were dink males, that were coming back to beds in the late afternoon. Either the fishing pressure had them off their nests, or they finally decided to make their move. Quite a few of them were very busy, cleaning, and moving. Some were real heart breakers, too, never committing to the bait, simply lipping the tips of the bait and moving it. I even tried gently dropping a Spro BBZ-1 Shad right on a couple of nests, but that only managed to scare them off completely. That stupid shad looks so good, just sitting upright, with its tail wagging, I really want this pattern to work, but it hasn't yet.

So, I caught about a dozen bass. I really figured with the full moon, overcast skies, that the 2nd wave of bedders would be there, but it was somewhat disappointing, but all in all a good day.

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