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First Jig Fish and First Bass of the Year

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This year just has not ben the year for me fishing. I started fishing in April and was skunked pretty much all the time. I continually missed fish after fish on terrible hook sets. Today, that streak ended.

I went with my grandfather and baby brother to Lake Glenview today. temps were in the 60's and it was an overcast day. My baby brother started to act up so my grandfather took him to the park which was only a little away. He took him while I continued to fish.

I tried by a couple of spots and later found my way to a bridge. I casted a fluke underneath it and jerked it around (my go to bait!) I did get anything so i picked up my bait caster which was rigged with a bass jig and trailer. I casted it under the bridge around the beam holding it up. I slowly jigged it back to me and felt a pressure on the end. I pulled thinking that I was snagged in between the beam and yanked that bait out of there. To my surprise it was a bass. I pulled him in admired him and let him loose.

I have had this jig for awhile and never caught anything on it. I had little to know confidence in it and barely ever used it. Now I am a believer. I fished the rest of the lake with no luck so called it a day 3 hours into it. anyway, I got my first bass.

My new rule: choose one bait and fish it the entire day to master it. That way I am forced to teach myself. I have got to say, the greatest weakness of a fisherman is having too many baits. The more baits you have the more you are tempted to use them and look past the true quality baits that produce. ;)

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    Hope you catch many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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WTG 90x.....the first words of a jig a maniac are "I like'em"  ;)  and sounds like you're there  ;D  But it's a fun way to be for sure  

Big O


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