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Fishing Rhino

Now I need to get some night lighting

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Fishing has been slow lately, save for a couple of days.

Late yesterday afternoon, with my wife's blessing, I decided to go fishing for the last couple of hours before dark.

Got on the pond about six thirty, and paddled across to the opposite shore.  Caught a couple in the first half hour on a Space Monkey cast into the hyacinth.  Then caught another on a wacky worm in three or four feet of water away from the weed line.

From seven-thirty to eight thirty the fish decided to bite.  Nearly every cast into the weeds produced at least a swirl at the bait, sometimes more than one during the retrieve.

In the weeds, or up to five feet away from the weed line produced fish.

In one instance, I unhooked a fish, and dropped the line over the side.  Released the fish, grabbed the rod for another cast, and another fish had grabbed the lure.

Technically, two fish on one cast.

It went on like this until I had to quit when it was no longer possible to see well enough to unhook a fish quickly and safely.

Over twenty fish, in the last two hours of daylight.  Most a pound to a pound and a half.

Next time, I'll have a clip on visor light, and go hunting for the bigger quarry.  Maybe this evening.

I have no expectation that it will be like this every evening.  But I got a taste of why some rave about night fishing.

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Next time, I'll also have a couple of poles rigged with topwater plugs, plus one rigged with a wake bait.

The bigguns have to be somewhere.

With a light, to use for rigging and unhooking, darkness will not be a problem.

Oh yeah, and ear plugs for the peepers.  They reach a deafening crescendo after dark.

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sounds like you've got a great spot for nightfall.

..... i haven't been out past sundown in years, and you've just piqued my interest....... i'll have to give it a shot soon!

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WTG Rhino...."The Lure of the Darkness" is upon you ;) a little bug dope might be handy too but avoid getting it on your hands or spray settling on your baits, should be called fish repellant too. ;D good luck and fish safe

Big O


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