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FINALLY!!! Pics!!!

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I finally got a photobucket account, so now I can post pics. Here are some of the fish I caught this Spring.

First one was caught on a chartreuse/green T-1 Spinnerbait. 5 pounds even.


This one was 7.5 pounds, caught on a 1/2 oz Strike King Bleeding Bait spinnerbait- white/ red.


This one was 6 pounds even, and was caught on a 3/8 oz Strike King Tour Grade Football Jig, Texas craw color, with a green pumpkin Yum Chunk as the trailer.


Last one, which is also my PB, was 8.16 pounds. I caught this toad on a 1/2 oz. Booyah Boo jig, black/blue, with a black/blue chigger craw for a trailer. 25 inches long.


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Wow!  Where did you catch these fish at?

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    Don't you just love fishing in the rain?


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Dock Master, I sure do. It was POURING that day, but we just kept catching fish! Pauley, at a local pond. There are some pigs in there. I know there's a 10, and I'm just waiting to catch it!!!

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