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Rayburn Disappointment

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Well, I hate to say it , but I was not very pleased with my last outing to one of my favorite lakes. Big Sam Rayburn Resvr. The day started off perfect. the water was calm not a lot of people on the water. We started fising at the boat launch. I expected to catch at least 1 of the past weekends tourney released fish. Nope not even a roll at my Pop R. We shot straight across the lake to Farmers cove and threw topwaters for a very short time. Surprisingly the water was already 86 degrees. It was 7am. so we found a spot in the cove that was basically about 13'. Fish were there, but didnt want ANYTHING we threw at them, from tx rig,c rigs,cranks,senkos,nothing. We zero'd in farmers. So we move to buck bay, by this time we have a lot of wind and it is not easy to fish in buck bay with this type of wind, that didnt last long. So we tried to run to five fingers but with the 3 ft waves and strong steady wind, it just wasnt worth the headache to run that direction. We head back to twin dykes and fish around there. There are some floating boat docks but they did'nt produce. All I caught all day was 2 tiny little dinks on a booyah double colorado blade spinnerbait. That is what always gets me at that lake. THE WIND. It seems like no matter where i go on that lake the wind always gets me. It is a lake that i love but hate.

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Sounds like my only day on Fork... I swore up and down I'd never be back to it after the summer night we had on it.  Fished till like 3 or 4am and never caught a fish.  Was sorely dissappointed from wall I'd heard.  Lake o pines is the lake I like.  I've never been on S.R. though. I like the wind though.  It makes the fishing better.  

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