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Mrs. Matstone

Whole mix of different baits and a new first for Maddie

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Monday Maddie wanted to return to the place where she caught her first bass ever... Lake Minsi. We did and the fishing was pretty tough but Maddie wanted to try fishing the shad. She decided to cast out in between a few patches of pads and all the sudden she starts yelling and she has finally got her first topwater pickerel on the Shad and boy was she thrilled. ;D


Dad and I also managed to catch a few that day too.

Here is one of dads.


Today we decided to hit another lake that we have not been to yet this year. After dragging the boat down to where we could launch we decided to set sail. We had time for a few hits and misses and the skies opened up. We rushed back to shore and hopped in the truck until the storm passed.

Finally we were gonna get to fish. We then headed back down and got in the boat only to find out that the motor was not going to work anymore. This was not going to deter me because it had been raining for weeks now and I was not going to give up so soon as you can see in this short video.


As much abuse as I was taking from my hubby and my daughter it did not deter me and I managed to get the first fish of the day. Yes it was a bass. ;D Caught this guy with my trusty shad along the outside edge of some lily pads.


Next up was Matt and he ended up with a nice toothy critter. I was kind enough to hold it for him so he did not get all slimy. ;D


Then it was my turn to get a snotrocket since they are one of my favorite fish to catch. I ended up getting this one on Rage Toad and the horrible expression on my face is because as I was trying to hold this guy up for a pic there was something moving around in his belly.. YUCK!


Next up it was Matts turn again and this time it was a bass who really loved lobster. ;D


This time I oared us around to a different spot on the lake right amongst some much shallower water and some very thick pads. Matts bait of choice this time around was a Junebug colored anaconda. Two fish fought for this one but only one was fast enough. ;D


Very quickly Matt switched up and put on a shad and was fortunate enough to catch the other guy that he missed the first time around.


Now it was my turn and I was still throwing the toad and having a blast when all the sudden there was a big splash and all I could think was "Please let me hook this fish". Luckily I did but he drug me and the boat all around and headed straight in to the pads to tie me up but we maneuvered our way over there and I got him. I was a very happy housewife then. :thunbsup3:

7209i.jpg Mama loves snotrockets.

Next up it was Maddie and moms turn to fish the pads when she landed one and what a trooper she was. She managed to pull this one out of some very thick pads without getting hung up and still managed to catch him. Mama was so very proud.


After all of that we called it a day. We were all very hungry, tired, and happy too. I hope you all have been fishing as well and I also hope it has not been raining for you as much as it has for us. All that rain sure makes fishing tough sometimes.

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Talking about a smorgasboard of Fishing Fun...That's it and I really enjoyed the video footage, hope you don't have any blisters on your hands from all that rowing  ;D  Congratulations to Maddie for her great catches too. It's wonderful to see a family enjoying our favorite pastime together. Your Family is a great example of what is right in our world  

Big O


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Kudos for Maddie. Family outings make the best pictures.

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Thanks guys we had so many laughs on the water today it was great. I can't wait to do it again. It was even better that it did not rain the whole time. I am so tired of the rain.  :'(

No big O, no blisters but my arms are a little sore for sure but it was worth it to be out fishing again.  ;D

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