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First bass on a trick stick!

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   Today my father and I went to a nice little fishing hole. It's formed by a river; that runs into a dam, like this

Black fork creek---pool---bottom side of dam---poteau river.

So when it floods the bass and gills swim into the pool on the bottom side of the dam. When the water levels there lower; they can't get back out. I started out at 6AM fishing a 3/8oz. firetiger spinnerbait, trying to locate the bass. I got several good bites, but didn't hook anything (Bass are real finicky here, as it is somewhat overfished). So I tied on a 5" watermelon/purple flake senko type worm. I cast it out to the middle of the pool, and let it set for 10 seconds before twitching my rod. On the first twitch I noticed it felt... mushy. So I set the hook, and landed around a 1/1.5lb largemouth. I fished two different colored senkos for almost an hour with out another taker, so I caught some bluegill with crappie nibbles. All in all it was a good way to start of the 4th of July.

Happy Independence Day ya'll.

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ahhhh the awesome power of the senko.

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