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J Francho

7/5/09 - City Dump: Part Duex-Duex

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Visited Irondequoit Bay again yesterday afternoon.  I really don't like this area, but its literally walking distance from my house.  I knew boat traffic would be heavy, but I was really surprised to see just how heavy.  The wind combined with all the waves from pleasure boaters made for a rough day on the water.  I spent most of the afternoon in 2-3' chop - no biggie, but it made standing on the yak quite the test of my balance, LOL.

What is it with pontoon boats that makes people goofy?  I had one follow me all day long, cutting between me and shore, anchoring right on water I was fishing, and just generally being loud and obnoxious.  They actually drowned out the ubiquitous whine from all the jet skis!  I did get a kick out of their fishing gear - about 10 grown adults fishing with Snoopy and Barbie poles.

Anyway, water temps were in the mid to upper 70°s, bluebird skies with a very occasional puffy cloud, temps in the lower 80°s, wind from the N-NNW about 5-10 mph.

I started out with two fish real quick on a spinnerbait, right off the side of a fresh laydown.  Water was very muddy, due to waves crashing into the shoreling, which is basically a bluff.  With that quick catch, I thought I might be off to the races, but the next two similar situations yielded nothing.

Decided to do some exploring of some "old" spots that I haven't fished in so long, they are "new" spots, now.  Crossing the bay at its widest point, about a mile, was a little harrowing with all the speed boats.  This is exactly why I bought a BRIGHT YELLOW yak, LOL.  Turns out all I got for this endeavor was an upper body workout.

I went back to my bread and butter spots back on the "left end" and went to my fall back: cranking deep ledges.  I picked up a couple of short fish, and thought I'd slow it down.  Four more 2-2.5 lb. fish on a t-rig Anaconda, popping it through the outside weed edge, and letting it tumble down the drop to about 18 FOW.

By then the sun was setting, and I had to head back.  No pics, but 6 legal fish, all dinks in the 2-2.5 range.  Despite my personal best largemouth coming from here, I still have not uncorked the secrets to the big fish in this water.  I catch big ones here, but they seem to be only during transitional periods.  I guess I should spend more time figuring it out, but I am just not a fan of the "City Dump."


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