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Texas Rig as Split Shot Rig


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I personally wont use a crimp shot when fishing for bass. Main reson being is that the crimp shot crimps the line also, which inturn creates a weak spot. I lost two fish in the same day using a crimp shot. If you still feel the need to use a crimp shot, I would recommend using a rubber core crimp sinker instead. The rubber helps to keep the line from being damadged. Just my .02 worth.

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Bassin 101,

Sure you can peg the bullet sinker.  Insert the threader from the point side of the bullet weight. Use some rubber threaded from the cone side to the point.  Once you can just get the treader off the looped rubber at the sinker tip, you are set.  Pull excess from base of sinker and clip off.

Cheap set-up is rubber bands (or rubber skirt material) and a piece of Guitar string as threader.  Let the rubber extend to the back of sinker just enough to get tip of needlenose pliers on it,  then you can remove the rubber later.  

Option 2 is buy a threading kit from Cabela's,BassPro, Don Iovino etc. Come with instructions usually.

You control the friction. Practice will tell you how much rubber to insert.

Question for me is why use this setup?.  In a pinch maybe or if that is all you can buy locally - OK.  But, for splitshotting I think you would get much better results with a Mojotype sinker or water gremlin setup.  With a bullet weight you are going to get a different action than you will with a tubular mojo type, different if you use high density (tungsten) sinker also.

About the only time I use this is flipping reeds, brush where the fish don't want the bullet sinker pegged tight to the plastic so I might move the weight up 1/2" or so.  That's fishing vertically where splitshotting is usually horizontal approach.

If you use a floating worm the rig will float.  If you don't use a floating worm, them you somewhat control depth by hook weight and line distance behind the sinker.  For instance rigging a lightweight hook at 3 ft behind the sinker might get you 16" off the bottom as you move the rig.  Downside is maybe missed bites on a leader that long.  Just try it in some clear water so you can see what it is doing. Black Weapon Hooks are the lightest weight I know of, downside is they are more brittle than most other hooks.

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thx Phish,

I was just trying to eliminate tieing on a different rig.  I would fish a t-rig with a sliding bullet and later fish the same rig but slide the bullet up the line 3' and peg it with a toothpick.  One of my lakes is low now so I will study some fall rates in the clear water.  

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