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1st Bass

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I think anything in Clown/Firetiger colors. Rat-L-Traps, etc.

Yea, from everything I've read on this website that's what I would gather BUT everything I read on here seems to apply to waters south of here....I appreciate the reply Fisher of Men...I must ask dumb questions cuz I barely ever get a reply...I am in Washington State...I fish farm ponds and as I said...at this point in the spring it's maybe 6" I can see a chartreuse or white spinner bait...and it WILL get even worse once the irrigation canals fill, everyone thinks CALI will produce the next world record bass cuz of the trout stocking!!! HAHA Look at WA state...I am the biggest NEWBIE on this site yet I can catch bass all day long, 6lb max so far but I have had many days catching 20-30 4-6lb bass all day on small farm pond with weak irrigation canal running thru during summer...the irrigation canal runs to 25,000 acre reservoir with many tournaments all year long, pin fish biggest at 6 1/2 lbs...all BIG bass come up canals to shallow perch & bluegill ponds...I have seen pictures of 10 lb bass 25 years ago outta the ponds i'm fishing now...so I KNOW with all the trout stocking in this area there HAS to be BIGGER than my puny 6 lb bass...PLEASE tell me how to catch in 7 feet or less of water but MUDDY water....PLEASE...I want $1000000

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Wow! Thanks for your enthusiasm ::)

First of all, it's not a good idea to come in here and tell us how great you are when you are a new to the board.

Secondly, it doesn't matter what happened 25 years ago. A body of water can only be judged by it's recent history. Bass water, like any ecosystem, is constantly changing and the conditions that produced the large fish in the past may no longer be present.

Thirdly, the difference between your situation and southern CA should be obvious. CA has a much longer warm season and the near-record fish being caught there are FL strain which grow larger faster and are more reluctant to bite so they will live longer.

If you need any more advice, just ask!!!! ;D

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