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Bad First Day

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Let me start out that I have never bass fished before.  I got some great advice on lures and gear from members in the tackle section.  So I'm ready, I head out to my local 200 acre State Park lake.  The water is muddy and about 55deg's.  So I pull out one of my new spinnerbaits.  Its a charty firetiger color with a colo and willow blade.  From what I have been reading I should look for points with good cover in this kind of water, and make my retrieve slow.  So i go to a couple of spots and cast past the cover and retreive past it.  I do this multiple times, nothing.  Oh well try a diffrent retrieve so I do a stop and go still nothing.  After about 2 hours, its time go home for dinner.  I am not angery or dissapointed, (atleast i got to practice my cast  ;D )  

Is there any advice you guys can give me.  I am going out again tomarrow.  The weather will be high 78 with partially cloudy skies.  Thanks for any suggestions.

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       Try a brightly colored suspending jerk bait. You already have an important aspect of bass fishing down, persistance. Good Luck!

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