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About to head out

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Well im about to head out for the first day of fishing for the year, i got my boat ready and i got my truck all loaded up and im just waitin for my dad to get here so he can come with me. I plan on flippin jigs and tubes around standing timber and running plastic lizards and flipping jigs around laydowns that are close to the shore. I also am going to run spinnerbaits and shallow crankbaits and swim jigs and t-rigged plastic worms along the edge of weedlines. hah well i just thought id tell everyone this cause its kinda my spring patter so it might help someone else out. cya later

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haha yea today wasnt the best day of fishing for an opener for the year haha i only caught 1 and it was small, we just had a ton of rain here in kansas so the water was up pretty high where i was fishing and it was about as muddy as it can get i mean i could hardly see the lure 4 inches under. hah it was also 40 mph wind so i had a heck of a time controling the boat, so about halfway through i just decided to "scout" for places that would be good to fish when the conditions are better.

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planning to go here in vermont on the 15th for my first outing by the looks of they lakes they should be free of ice. Got the boat of a few days ago and the trim wasnt working ,its at the shop now hope its cheap.

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