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can you catch bass in riverhills without a boat

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well i am young and i dont have a boat and i want to know if i can catch largemouth bass in the river if anyone knows where it is and can you please tell me where i can get som lures for fishing because i dont know anywhere except walmart so please write back as soon as possible  ???

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I fished the rivers here in Indiana as a kid with no boat and caught fish. Jim and I would backpack a few mile stretch of river and fish alll the eddies and blow downs or rip-rap banks. We actually did pretty well. Alot of times your able to get to spots on a river by foot that you can't by boat. Most of the time we used rubber worms and fished all the currant breaks.

We always packed food and water and dry clothes and would fish from dawn till dusk. Depending on how high the river was and how swift the currant was we were able to walk out on the bigger tree and fish them vertical. Some of the tree have been there so long they had trees and weeds growing form the eddies they provided. Those were the best ones to fish. Those eddies would fill up with branches,leaves, and other debries and would form a floating pad of trash. If you reel your worm to your rod tip and poked a hole thru the trash you could fish it. As your rod tip punches thru the floating trash pile let your worm fall to the bottom. Then you just dead stick it for awahile and wait to get a bite. It works like a champ almost everytime we would find one of these "floating trash piles" give it a try It'll probadly work for you too.

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