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Exactly why is it best before 'the big storm'?

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Without a doubt, these best fishing (meaning the biggest fish I have taken) has been right before a big storm hits.  Literally, when I press the luck (practice stupidity) and wait until the last second to get off the water before a big storm hits, this is when I have caught some of the most quality fish of my life.

This is not a secret, but am curious if anyone can tell me for a fact why that is.  Is it the quick drop in barometric pressure?  Is it a surge in feeding due to them heading to cover at the onset of the storm?  And I assume it cannot be coincidence this is when I seem to get the better fish to bite.   I look forward to some shared knowledge.

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We have had this discussion before so here is a link to look though from the old posts along with any new ones.


There is anouther short one on page 4.

I have no dought that they can tell a difference in pressure. I can feel the storms aproach up to 2 days before and can really tell about an hour or so before it hits. I can even detect lightning, all though I don't always put it together. I have a dog that is terribly afraid of storms and he starts to senses them about a hundred miles away. So surely fish can too. I am wondering that since they are equiped with a bladder and air tubes or latteral lines for dealing with depth, hearing and balance. It seems to me that they might become a little disoriented and agitated before a storm as the pressure takes a sudden drop. And this sends them on a feeding spree out of agitation. I have no proof so it's more a recent idea than a theory.

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