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Quarry fishing

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I have access to a 40+ acre rock quarry lake that is very deep with little shore line to fish.  Lot of big bass.  Most of the lake is sheer rock walls.  Does anyone have any technique suggestions?

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One thing I like to do when I  fish deep structure and drop-offs is I put a Super Fluke Jr on a Jig head like this one. I just yo-yo it up and down while I move along the structure. jighead1.gif This works good in the winter along deep creek channels and ditches on my home lake.

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This is one subject I feel I can give some solid input.

My uncle bought some property when I was a kid, and it had two quarries about 100 acres apiece.  He sold it a few years back, and broke my heart.  It was private, and plum FULL of bass.  I bet I fished each of those pits about 100 times apiece.

Like any structure on any water, you can always find fish on wood / brush / rocks / etc in shallower banks.

BUT, these mini-lakes is where I learned to do some deeper structure fishing.   Find drop-offs and humps, many times you can see without a depth finder due to the clarity of the water.  This is where I always caught my biggest fish.  Running crankbaits off the drops to deeper water, slow rolling spinner baits, dragging a lot of carolina rigged plastics, and even fishing jigs deep to shallow, shallow to deep from the drops.

Clearer water to will allow you to see definite weedlines in the quarries.  Find the edges, and fish the edges with plastics, cranks and spinners.

Quarries are neat because of the different depth changes due the cuts made by equipment.  Find the shallow flats in the evenings, and have a ball with top water baits.  There were nights when I could catch fish by the 30's on top water.  God I miss that place...if I ever win the lottery, I know what property I am going to buy.  I am jealous, wish I could join ya.

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Guest the_mud_man

I fish a few stripping pits over here in NorthEast Pennsylvania and I imagine they are the same as quarrys. In the AM or at sundown I fish the top with either a Zoom Trick Worm and snake it across the top or I use a #7 Jointed Rapala. This last week I had a lot of sucess with a Bagleys Fish Fry In the Bream/Bluegill color.I fished it stop and go and had some very good results.No Nemos but all would have been keepers but I catch and relase.

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