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Dreaded muddy water!!

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I have a 49 acre lake nearby me that i fish a lot just because it's close... But just recently we got 6 1/2 inches of rain in one night and the lake is very very muddy. You can't see but 1/4 inch below the surface.. I use to use a rapala skitter pop and buzzbaits and all sorts of top water lures  and could catch largemouth all day.. But now i have to resort to other things like spinnerbaits and plastics but have not caught a fish since before the storm.. so if i could get some tips on what to do and use and also any suggestions on colors.. That would be greatly appreciated thanks...

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I fish the Mississippi River a lot and it is always dirty, I still go with topwaters even though the visiblity is next to none.  Any bright color will work fine and for some reason oranges,chartruese,black,white are the top colors for me anyways.  Try throwing a crankbait like a bandit or norman if that suits you as well they always bring in fish, and my choice for top waters on the river are Storm chugbugs.

Good Luck!

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Black 10 icnh plastic worms work well for me.  Stick with dark colors like black, dark blue, junebug, etc.  I basically like big bulky dark baits in muddy water.  Brush Hogs come to mind.

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