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another quick question

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thanks to everyone who replied to my post earlier about storing my soft plastic lures. since it seemed like most people said that it would be better to keep the lures in their original packages, i went and took all of the soft plastics that i had in plano utility boxes and i put them in individual zip-lock bags with labels on them. i think that this might work a little better to.

my question now is how do you keep the each bag organized so that you can find what you want without digging through tons and tons of bags. if their is any products that people use i would apreciate knowing what they are or having links to where i can get them.

thanks ;D

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In my plano, I put the lizards, grubs, (things I don't use often) under or on the back of the flat holder.

Then I keep all the senko bags together, worms etc.

It's actually hard to explain now that I think about it. lol

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Get a Bassmasters spinnerbait binder, the binder comes with 5 "leafs" each of one has 2 zippered compartments, each compartment can hold 2 packs of baits, also the binder has 2 large zippered compartments on one of it 's sides allowing you to store 2-3 more packs per compartment, on the other side it has 4 compartments where you can store spinnerbaits, jigs, hooks and sinkers. I don 't think that you will need more "room". After all, do the math, you will be carrying a big bunch of baits neatly stored in a zippered binder.

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