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Except for the weight size....

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I have been reading a lot about C-rigs lately.  Wouldn't you get the same affect with a split shot rig or by pegging a bullet sinker up the line?  Is it all about the size of the weight?

I am thinking...slide the t-rig weight up and peg it and you have a c-rig.  Add a split shot to a weightless spidergrub, and another c-rig.

Just trying to keep it simple.  Give me the c-rig advantages. :-/

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In shallower water pegging or split shoting with smaller weight works fine. However when the water warms up and the fish move to deeper structure (15' and deeper) you will want a larger weight. A larger weight will sink faster ,getting your bait down to the depth that the fish are holding quicker, and will enable you to stay in contact with the bottom and have more feel for whats down there. A 1/2-1 ounce weight is pretty common for c-rigging.

      When pegging a texas rig or using a split shot the fish will have to pull hard enough to move the weight before you feel it. With a traditional style c-rig ,using a slip sinker, swivel and leader, when the fish gives a tug on the line, the line will slide thru the sinker enableing you to feel the bite without the the fish having to move the weight. THis makes the traditional style c-rig much more sensitive to a bite.


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