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Hi all. I found this site last week and have been reading all the great info here. I thought it would be appropriate to join the forums and introduce myself.

I have been fishing recreationally for as long as I can remember. I grew up in central PA near Hershey. When I was young I did alot of trout fishing with my Dad, and we even had a stream on our property that we would stock ourselves by fishing the local streams, saving the fish in a cooler, and releasing them on our property. We also did some fishing on the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, PA.

About 5 years ago I moved to northern MD, and since then have only done some occasional fishing with my Dad on the Susquehanna when visiting.

I decided this year I would try to make some more trips to the river. Needless to say I have once again caught the "fishing bug". What really got me hooked was a bachelor party trip for a friend who is a very avid fisherman to Big Rideau Lake in Canada. That was an absolute blast! While we did not catch any very large fish we did manage to reel in alot of small to medium size largemouth, some perch, and even a few pike. Plus, nothing beats renting two large pontoon boats and goin out fishing with 10 friends for a few days.

After that trip I decided I need to find some bass fishing near my home. To my suprise I found that I live very close to Loch Raven Resevoir in MD which I have heard has some excellent bass fishing. While have have not had time to try it out yet I did take a few days to go visit my Dad and fish the Susquehanna, and a very large pond that one of his hunting buddies owns. I actually met with some degree of success which has hooked me even more. Since I do not want this to turn into a wall of text I will post that in the Outing section.

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I also grew up in PA, trout fishin' with my dad...also fished the Delaware for smallies...used bamboo fly rods...what a  lot of fun!

Now I fish Loch Raven with a buddy who re-activated the bug...the reservoir does have some good fishin...and it's a very pretty place to spend some time...all sorts of wildlife.

I'll try and leave some bass for ya...  ;D

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