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Jig bite all year?

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There is a all year jig bite in the mid-south where I live.  Winter - I like to find stumps or wood on creek channels 6-10 feet deep.  Pre-spawn & spawn -Creek channels with 1-3" feet of water over the banks fishing the shallow water to the dropoff -looking for migrating females.  Immediate post spawn - right on the bank in the outer 1/2 of creeks, for some reason lots of females will hug the bank when exiting a creek after spawning and they will run it back and forth until the water gets too warm.  Summer - heavy shaded cover back in the jungles of wooded creeks.  Fall - repeat the pre-spawn pattern.

Anywhere there are cypress trees at any time of the year drop the jig as close to the trunk as possible and be ready for a strike at any time at least until the jig is 10 feet from the tree.  Trees in deeper water are better in winter.


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Yeah, there is a jib bite all year around.  

In the winter, I like to look for brushpiles on the edges, or the bottom, of the channels.  Also, if you can find them on primary points that are in deep water, then, I will try there also.

In the spring, when the bass are in a pre-spawn pattern, I will look for flooded brush, or brush in staging areas, in 5-10 ft. of water.  

When the bass spawn, small jigs, like Bitsy Bugs, will work, but other lures will work better.

After the spawn, I will fish rip-rap, downfalled trees, and the same brushpiles in the staging areas.  

Once the summer patterns take over, I will go back to the winter haunts in the channel or on the points, and fish the brushpiles or rockpiles down there.

When fall rolls around, the thermocline might still be in tact, and if it is, I will fish a jig where brushpiles coincide with the thermocline.

If the thermocline isn't in tact, I will start fishing shallow, and slowly move deeper.  Fish the trees that are fallen over, or the rip-rap, and will move deeper to the brushpiles, til I find the fish.  

Then, as winter comes back around, go back deep.

Jig are a versatile lure, and you can use them in different locations, under different conditions, and in several situations.

Another place that you can use them is around docks.  If you are able to flip them under the docks in the far to reach parts of the dock, then, the bass should bite, if the jig bite is going.

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In texas, there is a jig bite year round.  But mid july-feb is the best.  Once the grass has come back (grown) the jig bite gets better.  Jig fish can be caught year around,  but there are better tools of the trade to use for the other patterns during the year.  All will vary from lake to lake.  Some lakes like Toledo Bend and Rayburn have good crawfish populations,  knowing that in the middle of june there is a crawdad hatch may help throw a mudbug crankbait or pitch the ole jig.  One thing for sure,  the Jig is a big fish producer if the bite is on.  

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