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Going to the shop

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If I were in your shoes I think I would get a bag of black 7.5" ribbon tail worms, a bag of watermelon tubes, a couple different sizes of worm hooks and bullet sinkers. I would also get a Pop-R for a little morning topwater action.  Then if i had any change left I would get a chartrues and white spinnerbait.

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EWG gamakatsu hooks, I prefer the 5/0 g-loc hook they make.

all the types of colors I hear about to use under certain conditions...  the natural looking colors are what I hear some people say are good for clear water, and other say for murky water.  either way, for a first bag of worms, that may be a safer route to go.

as for worms/lizards/etc?  I donno, I usually pick the one I would want to eat if I were a bass.  sounds weird, but there are just some color combinations (color w/ specs) that I just really like.  others I could pass on.  I am just drawn to certain colors.  whichever bait pushes or pulls you the most, grab that color.  I always do good with lizards, more so than worms (that might be all in my head) so get what you feel more attracted to.  and even though you could buy up the whole store, or get stuck between two baits.  (if it comes down to that) the one you originally picked, go with that.  

pellete weights like they said.  I dont know what size it is that I got, but its the smaller of em.  1/4 maybe?  I dont know.

my biggest thing though is, whichever bait I feel more attracted to and "has to be good fishin" with, I buy.  if at the least, I'm more confident with it and thats a big part of fishin.

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