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Captain Cali

Finding Beds @ Night?

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How do you search for beds when there is no light out? I do all of my night fishing from the bank so I have no electronics to work with. What would be the best way to start? Should I just pound the bank in search of flats or what? Maybe I need to recon the place during the day when there is light?

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Mark them with something during the day. My dad has a friend that has a fairly descent size pond in his back yard. He puts bobbers with reflective tape on them with a big 1 oz weight tied to a long enough line to reach the bottom. All you have to do is scan the area with a light and those things will stick out like a sore thumb.

I have never done it myself, but supposedly it works. Don't see why it wouldn't.

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I've lived in the same condo since '83 so finding my bed in the dark is no problem unless I trip :o over one of my cats en route.

Now, if I'm at a different place I usually ask her to, at the least, not snuff the scented candle until I join her. That, or I follow the sound of her little snores 8-).

Ohhhhhh...BASS beds?...never mind.

F.Rod Latella (Emily's brother)

The above dedicated in loving memory of Gilda Radner.

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Guest avid

Sorry about that, but the devil made me do it

I don't think there is anyway you can find beds at night if you havn't scouted them out during the day.  The only other way would be to shine a mag light into the water in likely looking places and why would anyone want to do that?

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