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Fishing Shallows: Look for underwater vegitation

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Catch more fish: Look for underwater vegetation

     When choosing fishing locations, many angles look for visual structure such as cat tails and partially submerged branches and trees. It is also important, however, to find out what is under the water. Underwater vegetation, such as hornwort (also known as coon tail), provide bass with an excellent place to feed and hide.

Working cover such as this can sometimes be frustrating, as snags are common; however, to a patient angler, this isn't too big of a problem (especially considering the possible rewards). I generally work cover like this by zipping a bright colored (usually chartreuse) lipless rattling crankbait through the tops of the weeds. To help avoid snags, weedless softbaits can be used as well.

Remember: fishing is all about location, location, location.

Good Luck and Good Fishing!



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Thanks, J-Bass.

Don't forget your polorized sunglasses so you can see the vegitation, etc. under the water.

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Vegetation is perhaps one of the best indicators for bass, I think.  I find that my best results in the lake come form fishin the weeds.  After that, I'd have to say I look for other cover like stumps, logs, trees before I go looking for structure.  Many times I have to settle for structure as many lakes and ponds up here don't get "vegetated" until mid-late summer.

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Fishing grass filled lakes is one of my strong points. The one lake I fish (505 acres) is just loaded with hydrilla. Don't forget to look for points, pockets and holes in the grass. Also, having other stucture such as a laydown tree or rocks is another key location to target. Hope this helps!

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